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Cover for Elemental Rhapsody: A cosmic menagerie of elements. There's earth, fire, water and air. The sun shines bright in the middle, slightly osbcured by swirling clouds. A fountain of water flows from an emblem bearing "GrayBeat". Elemental Rhapsody appears below in words on a scroll. Volcanoes, one dormant, one active, flank the scene. Stars and planets overhead. The moon & Saturn in the upper corners. Wonderful artwork.
space alien gazes foward with a backdrop of stars, to earth. A reflection of the globe shines bright in each eye.
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Robin’s rich musical background began in percussive and vocal performance…

"...like nothing I've ever heard..."
"...Bright, uplifting and lush slice of woozy electronic pop; it meanders gracefully though a sea of warm fuzz and lush synths as hushed vocals float amid the hazy ether. It is lush, dreamy and melodic..."