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Elemental Rhapsody

Cover for Elemental Rhapsody: A cosmic menagerie of elements. There's earth, fire, water and air. The sun shines bright in the middle, slightly osbcured by swirling clouds. A fountain of water flows from an emblem bearing "GrayBeat". Elemental Rhapsody appears below in words on a scroll. Volcanoes, one dormant, one active, flank the scene. Stars and planets overhead. The moon & Saturn in the upper corners. Wonderful artwork.

Album Details

One-hundred years after arriving on Earth, Graylien encounters its true destiny. The millennial-aged extra-terrestrial first weathers a man-made environmental cataclysm that submerges the planet in water. Then, after taking flight on a majestic airship, Graylien survives the great volcanic eruption that ensues. Once the destructive lava flow cools, a mysterious cave forms.

(includes digital version)

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"...This album has a sound all of its own and each track stands on its own. That’s not easy to do...Home run! I seriously was digging it...
-Mike Resendez, The Nine-45 Show"
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About GrayBeat

Robin Sedivy (SED-i-vee) of Minneapolis, MN, ushers in a new self-sufficient and multi-talented era for GrayBeat®, during a bold-new renaissance in independent electronic music. Robin’s rich musical background began in percussive and vocal performance, but it was when he discovered of his passion for learning technology and working with sound, that GrayBeat® got its start.

Elemental Rhapsody is Robin’s first full-length album release and his most serious offering to date, a work which transports you into a multi-layered tapestry of sounds, influenced by African music, Hip-hop, Reggae, Rock, Jazz and Electronica.

Showcasing a world-class level of clarity, sonic subtlety and textural vibrance, he tells the story of the Earth through the eyes of an alien adventurer, and also by means of the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Myriad sonic landscapes and moods coalesce seamlessly, immersing the listener in a truly rare work of auditory art to experience time and time again.

Since the release of the album, Robin has unveiled a whole new interactive series of livestreaming audio and visual performances, which breathe new life into Elemental Rhapsody. By using cutting edge audio and graphics technology, he’s able to create a new and exciting experience for his audience during each and every live performance.