Cover for Elemental Rhapsody: A cosmic menagerie of elements. There's earth, fire, water and air. The sun shines bright in the middle, slightly osbcured by swirling clouds. A fountain of water flows from an emblem bearing "GrayBeat". Elemental Rhapsody appears below in words on a scroll. Volcanoes, one dormant, one active, flank the scene. Stars and planets overhead. The moon & Saturn in the upper corners. Wonderful artwork.
 Track #5 off of Elemental Rhapsody.
 Length: 03:02


Air Busking


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Track #5 off of Elemental Rhapsody.

Length: 03:02


From Elemental Rhapsody by GrayBeat®
• written, performed, engineered & produced by Robin Sedivy
• mastered by Dan Dubois at Schematic Sound (
• All artwork by Aardvark Artwork & GrayBeat © 2020
• ©℗GrayBeat®