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“Galaxy/Reaching”, track #4 from Whaelstrom


Adrift in a sea of endless night,
Impatient to seize why nothing had gone right.

Numb to the vacuous sensation of this empty calamity,
The Astrarian floats on, no longer in the company of hope nor sanity.

And then the inevitable came,
a feeling washes over of dread and then shame.

In a microscopic capsule of infinite unimportance,
Our hero is lost to the indifferent forever which nothingness portends.

When an eternity had passed by,
Sure in the acceptance of having no sky.

Time continues to march inward,
as fate determines to look skyward.

Released August 8, 2018

Mixed, performed and composed by Robin Sedivy
All artwork by Aardvark Artwork © 2020 Aardvark Artwork
Mastering engineer: Tony Bove at Intellectual Mastering,


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