GrayBeat LIVE (Deluxe Edition)

GrayBeat’s custom USB thumb drive with over 14GBs of professionally mastered AUDIO & VIDEO files.

*ALSO includes immediate download of the digital audio album (WAV & MP3 formats), extended liner notes & GrayBeat wallpaper*

No need for a CD player! Plug it directly into any USB equipped device, such as a:

  • 4k or HD TV
  • Playstation or Xbox
  • PC or Mac
  • home stereo
  • car stereo
  • tablet or iPad

1. Waterlogged LIVE 08:53
2. Air Busking LIVE 06:14
3. Crucible LIVE 05:46
4. Emerald Topaz LIVE 05:51
5. Fisherman’s Gambit LIVE 06:30
6. Element G LIVE 08:40
7. Rocks LIVE 06:58
8. Under the Surface LIVE 06:44
9. Airship LIVE 07:51
Total runtime: 1:03:27

Released April 9, 2021

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All songs on “GrayBeat LIVE” were:
– written, performed, engineered & produced by Robin Sedivy (ASCAP)
– mastered by Dan Dubois at Schematic Sound (

©℗ 2021 GrayBeat®
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Cover art by Robin Sedivy © 2021 Robin Sedivy
Cover Art Photography by Mike Madison


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