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“Whaelstrom”, track #3 from Whaelstrom


And we find ourselves awakened to life on the road,
As the Astrarian gets acquainted to its humble abode.

If even there came a time for there to be care or despair,
In the company of celestial bodies, these cares are thin as air.

But then came a gasp, drowned by the vacuum of space,
Enveloped by destiny, time started to sharpen its pace.

Now swallowed into the great belly of the wormhole,
The once adventurous call would test our hero to save its soul.

When the agony subsided, and hope and fate reunited,
On the other side of the universe, our true destination has yet to be sighted.

Released August 8, 2018

Mixed, performed and composed by Robin Sedivy
All artwork by Aardvark Artwork © 2020 Aardvark Artwork
Mastering engineer: Tony Bove at Intellectual Mastering,


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