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“Xul”, track # 1 from Whaelstrom


On its hometown of Xul, the Astrarian speaks.
Stifled by the hollow, it receives nary a peek.

Nestled in a cocoon of reverberating sanity,
At one came a thought to shed away vanity.

What was heard was a call from a far away land:
“Come once, come hither… its just a few grains of sand!”

Determined not to wither, with passion all drunk,
The Astrarian likened to stuffing its life in the trunk.

Regretful for leaving, but hoping to thrive,
Nightfall awakens to greet its next to arrive.

Released August 8, 2018

Mixed, performed and composed by Robin Sedivy
All artwork by Aardvark Artwork © 2020 Aardvark Artwork
Mastering engineer: Tony Bove at Intellectual Mastering,


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